Having a Dream Wedding: 3 Wedding Flower Tips for the Perfect Day

Posted on: 18 June 2015
A wedding would not be complete without beautiful bouquets of flowers decorating the venue, lapels, the cake, or wherever else you plan to show them off. Needless to say, the right flowers can make a huge difference. If you plan on incorporating your favourite flowers into you wedding decor, here are just 3 wedding flower tips to help make your special day perfect. Avoid Strongly-smelling Flowers There's a good chance someone at your wedding is either allergic to the pollen found on flowers or sensitive to strong fragrances.
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Saying I'm Sorry With Flowers

Posted on: 8 April 2015
While the best apologies are done in person or by phone, sometimes our commitments can prevent us from being there in person to pass on our regrets. A beautiful bunch of flowers sends the message that you are sorry, and can help the person you are apologising to remember you fondly whenever they glance at the bunch for the next few days. Here is how to get yourself out of trouble with a strategic floral delivery.
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3 Ways Flowers Can Boost Profits for Your Small Business

Posted on: 26 March 2015
As a small business owner, your main responsibility lies within ensuring that your business is profitable. This means paying attention to balance sheets and having a strong marketing plan in place, but it can also be very useful to pay attention to the environment of your workplace. When you create an optimal work environment, your employees will be more productive, creative, efficient, and happy—and they will work harder for your business, which boosts your profits.
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5 Perfect Flowers to Give Your Mum on Mother's Day

Posted on: 18 March 2015
On the second Sunday in May, Australians will be celebrating their mothers. The traditional gift on Mother's Day is flowers, with good reason. Flowers are a beautiful gift that can bring colour and joy into a home for days or even weeks. The gift is even better if those flowers send a message. Here are best types of flowers to give to your mother on Mother's Day.   1. Orchids.
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