Having a Dream Wedding: 3 Wedding Flower Tips for the Perfect Day

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A wedding would not be complete without beautiful bouquets of flowers decorating the venue, lapels, the cake, or wherever else you plan to show them off. Needless to say, the right flowers can make a huge difference. If you plan on incorporating your favourite flowers into you wedding decor, here are just 3 wedding flower tips to help make your special day perfect. Avoid Strongly-smelling Flowers There’s a good chance someone at your wedding is either allergic to the pollen found on flowers or sensitive to strong fragrances. Runny and stuffy noses, watery eyes and itchy throats do not make for a good wedding experience and do not look good in photographs either. Some roses and jasmines may be too overbearing, and may end up ruining the entire experience. Choose flowers that produce very mimimal amounts of pollen or have the pollen removed. Water the Flowers to Keep Them from Wilting Once the flowers have been cut at the stem, they do not have long to live. Hydrangeas live an average of 8 hours outside of water while tulips last a little longer and have an average lifespan of 8 to 12 hours. Once some of these flowers begin to wilt, they are almost impossible to revive. To make sure your wedding flowers last as long as possible, make sure they are properly watered, so they stay hydrated for the whole day. Get What You Want by Ordering Ahead of Time Don’t expect to get the flowers you have always dreamed of if you don’t plan ahead and book them early. The flowers you want may come from another country, if not continent. It may take quite some time to harvest, prepare and ship the flowers to your florists, who then has the job of arranging them for the wedding. Order the flowers 6 to 12 weeks ahead of time to avoid complications and other problems that may end up delaying the flowers from arriving on time. Plan ahead and speak with a florist as early as possible to make arrangements for your wedding day and to budget properly. Experienced florists such as Erindale Florist can lend their expertise and assistance to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly and to ensure that the venue looks beautiful. Don’t hesitate to place your confidence in the amazing talent you have chosen, and place trust in their decision and recommendations for an absolutely breathtaking and unforgettable...

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Saying I’m Sorry With Flowers

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While the best apologies are done in person or by phone, sometimes our commitments can prevent us from being there in person to pass on our regrets. A beautiful bunch of flowers sends the message that you are sorry, and can help the person you are apologising to remember you fondly whenever they glance at the bunch for the next few days. Here is how to get yourself out of trouble with a strategic floral delivery. A beautiful bunch Make sure to prioritise the quality and appearance of the floral arrangement, over buying a certain breed of flower. If you cannot afford dozens of exotic tropical flowers, instead aim for a bunch of good quality cheaper flowers. The effect of a courier walking with a large and attractive bunch of flowers is much better than a wilting or poor quality bunch of exotic flowers. Match the colours and types of flowers as much as you can to the person’s tastes – although this can be easier for a spouse than a colleague or distant relative of course! Sending a large bunch of native flowers to someone with terrible hay fever triggered by wattles, for example, may leave you still firmly in their bad books. A thoughtful card Make sure the card clearly states your apology. Try using the format “I am sorry [what I have done wrong] and I know you must be feeling [upset or disappointed]. I hope you can forgive me.” if you are unsure of what to write. While it doesn’t have to be in those exact words, a detailed and thoughtful card can help your recipient feel that you are truly apologetic and haven’t delegated an assistant to send the flowers on your behalf. Handwritten cards tend to have more impacts than the pre-filled in cards from corporate flower delivery services. A prompt follow-up The online receipt will include an indication of when the flowers should be delivered. Follow up the delivery with a phone call or a text message, letting the recipient know when you can next spend time with them. Your time is just as valuable to people as gifts and helps demonstrate your true commitment to your apology. Of course if they don’t return your phone call it can a sensible plan to send some more flowers the next day to show that you are serious! With a beautiful bunch of flowers on the way, you should be forgiven in no time all all. For more information, check out companies such as Executive Flowers &...

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3 Ways Flowers Can Boost Profits for Your Small Business

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As a small business owner, your main responsibility lies within ensuring that your business is profitable. This means paying attention to balance sheets and having a strong marketing plan in place, but it can also be very useful to pay attention to the environment of your workplace. When you create an optimal work environment, your employees will be more productive, creative, efficient, and happy—and they will work harder for your business, which boosts your profits. But what can you do to make your office or workplace a nicer space? You can start by filling it up with plants and flowers. Here’s how they can help. Increase employee creativity. A recent study has found that flowers and plants in the work environment can boost creativity by a staggering 45%. Creativity is the cornerstone of any successful business because it is out-of-the-box solutions and points of difference that enable companies to gain competitive advantage. The next time that you schedule a brainstorming session, make sure that there are freshly cut flowers in the room to really get the creative juices of your employees flowing. The scent of flowers can also have dramatic effects. It is not only the beautiful aesthetic of freshly cut flowers that help employees to feel more balanced and more creative, it is also the scent they produce that can promote positive changes in the workplace. Placing a lavender plant in the office, for example, can have wonderful, stress relieving effects on employees. In a high pressure environment where people have to meet deadlines and have to deal with difficult clients on a daily basis, this kind of scent can help employees to tackle situations with greater ease and enjoy their jobs more. Reduce your employees’ number of sick days. Everybody gets sick now and again, but you can dramatically alter the number of collective sick days of your company by introducing plants and flowers into the office. In fact, the mere presence of greenery can boost your immune system, resulting in less flu and coughing, and improve your energy, resulting in less work fatigue. When you weigh up the cost of flower delivery for the office against the losses you will experience with so many sick days in a flowerless workplace, plants and flowers must seem like a great investment for your small business, and for the well-being of your employees. Get creative with arrangements so that your team is treated to different colourful displays of flowers each week, and you will soon see the positive effects on your business. Learn more by consulting expert resources like Amaranthine Flowers By...

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5 Perfect Flowers to Give Your Mum on Mother’s Day

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On the second Sunday in May, Australians will be celebrating their mothers. The traditional gift on Mother’s Day is flowers, with good reason. Flowers are a beautiful gift that can bring colour and joy into a home for days or even weeks. The gift is even better if those flowers send a message. Here are best types of flowers to give to your mother on Mother’s Day.   1. Orchids. These are a symbol of mother and child in China, but also represent beauty and refinement, making them a perfect gift for a mother. They can last much longer than cut flowers as they come potted. However, orchids are fussy plants and need quite a lot of care to thrive. If your mother enjoys gardening, a brightly coloured orchid may be the perfect gift. But if your mother is busy or not particularly green fingered, an orchid may be a burden. 2. Aster. These fluffy looking flowers are very pretty and represent patience, something every mother needs. Thank your mother for her patience with you during the hard times with a bouquet of asters, which also mean elegance. So a bouquet with asters not only means your mother was patient with you, it also represents her femininity. 3. Carnation. A pink carnation is a popular flower for Mother’s Day because it represents the love of a woman or mother. However, if your mum isn’t keen on pink then choose a colour she does like because every type of carnation if a flower of pride. Show your mum how proud you are of her with a bouquet including carnations. 4. Lilacs. These dainty flowers represent new love, which can be interpreted in different ways including that between a mother and child. If someone you know is celebrating their first Mother’s Day, a posy of lilacs or a big bouquet including lilacs can be a perfect gift. 5. Daisy. This pretty, fun flowers can’t help but make you smile and represent loyal love, something every mother will understand. Your mother loves you unconditionally, and a posy or bouquet of daisies are a wonderful way of expressing that. For longer lasting daises, consider buying your mum a potted plant that she can enjoy every year. Your mother is an incredible person, who has been with you since before you were born. She has nurtured and loved you through the good and tough times, and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to lavish her with love and tell her just how you feel. Pick the right flowers, and you’ll hardly have to say a word. For more information, check out companies such as Riverside Florist &...

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