5 Perfect Flowers to Give Your Mum on Mother's Day

Posted on: 18 March 2015

On the second Sunday in May, Australians will be celebrating their mothers. The traditional gift on Mother's Day is flowers, with good reason. Flowers are a beautiful gift that can bring colour and joy into a home for days or even weeks. The gift is even better if those flowers send a message. Here are best types of flowers to give to your mother on Mother's Day.  

1. Orchids.

These are a symbol of mother and child in China, but also represent beauty and refinement, making them a perfect gift for a mother. They can last much longer than cut flowers as they come potted. However, orchids are fussy plants and need quite a lot of care to thrive. If your mother enjoys gardening, a brightly coloured orchid may be the perfect gift. But if your mother is busy or not particularly green fingered, an orchid may be a burden.

2. Aster.

These fluffy looking flowers are very pretty and represent patience, something every mother needs. Thank your mother for her patience with you during the hard times with a bouquet of asters, which also mean elegance. So a bouquet with asters not only means your mother was patient with you, it also represents her femininity.

3. Carnation.

A pink carnation is a popular flower for Mother's Day because it represents the love of a woman or mother. However, if your mum isn't keen on pink then choose a colour she does like because every type of carnation if a flower of pride. Show your mum how proud you are of her with a bouquet including carnations.

4. Lilacs.

These dainty flowers represent new love, which can be interpreted in different ways including that between a mother and child. If someone you know is celebrating their first Mother's Day, a posy of lilacs or a big bouquet including lilacs can be a perfect gift.

5. Daisy.

This pretty, fun flowers can't help but make you smile and represent loyal love, something every mother will understand. Your mother loves you unconditionally, and a posy or bouquet of daisies are a wonderful way of expressing that. For longer lasting daises, consider buying your mum a potted plant that she can enjoy every year.

Your mother is an incredible person, who has been with you since before you were born. She has nurtured and loved you through the good and tough times, and Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to lavish her with love and tell her just how you feel. Pick the right flowers, and you'll hardly have to say a word. For more information, check out companies such as Riverside Florist & Gifts