3 Ways Flowers Can Boost Profits for Your Small Business

Posted on: 26 March 2015

As a small business owner, your main responsibility lies within ensuring that your business is profitable. This means paying attention to balance sheets and having a strong marketing plan in place, but it can also be very useful to pay attention to the environment of your workplace.

When you create an optimal work environment, your employees will be more productive, creative, efficient, and happy—and they will work harder for your business, which boosts your profits. But what can you do to make your office or workplace a nicer space? You can start by filling it up with plants and flowers. Here's how they can help.

Increase employee creativity. A recent study has found that flowers and plants in the work environment can boost creativity by a staggering 45%. Creativity is the cornerstone of any successful business because it is out-of-the-box solutions and points of difference that enable companies to gain competitive advantage. The next time that you schedule a brainstorming session, make sure that there are freshly cut flowers in the room to really get the creative juices of your employees flowing.

The scent of flowers can also have dramatic effects. It is not only the beautiful aesthetic of freshly cut flowers that help employees to feel more balanced and more creative, it is also the scent they produce that can promote positive changes in the workplace.

Placing a lavender plant in the office, for example, can have wonderful, stress relieving effects on employees. In a high pressure environment where people have to meet deadlines and have to deal with difficult clients on a daily basis, this kind of scent can help employees to tackle situations with greater ease and enjoy their jobs more.

Reduce your employees' number of sick days. Everybody gets sick now and again, but you can dramatically alter the number of collective sick days of your company by introducing plants and flowers into the office. In fact, the mere presence of greenery can boost your immune system, resulting in less flu and coughing, and improve your energy, resulting in less work fatigue.

When you weigh up the cost of flower delivery for the office against the losses you will experience with so many sick days in a flowerless workplace, plants and flowers must seem like a great investment for your small business, and for the well-being of your employees.

Get creative with arrangements so that your team is treated to different colourful displays of flowers each week, and you will soon see the positive effects on your business. Learn more by consulting expert resources like Amaranthine Flowers By Design.