Saying I'm Sorry With Flowers

Posted on: 8 April 2015

While the best apologies are done in person or by phone, sometimes our commitments can prevent us from being there in person to pass on our regrets. A beautiful bunch of flowers sends the message that you are sorry, and can help the person you are apologising to remember you fondly whenever they glance at the bunch for the next few days.

Here is how to get yourself out of trouble with a strategic floral delivery.

A beautiful bunch

Make sure to prioritise the quality and appearance of the floral arrangement, over buying a certain breed of flower. If you cannot afford dozens of exotic tropical flowers, instead aim for a bunch of good quality cheaper flowers. The effect of a courier walking with a large and attractive bunch of flowers is much better than a wilting or poor quality bunch of exotic flowers.

Match the colours and types of flowers as much as you can to the person's tastes - although this can be easier for a spouse than a colleague or distant relative of course! Sending a large bunch of native flowers to someone with terrible hay fever triggered by wattles, for example, may leave you still firmly in their bad books.

A thoughtful card

Make sure the card clearly states your apology. Try using the format "I am sorry [what I have done wrong] and I know you must be feeling [upset or disappointed]. I hope you can forgive me." if you are unsure of what to write. While it doesn't have to be in those exact words, a detailed and thoughtful card can help your recipient feel that you are truly apologetic and haven't delegated an assistant to send the flowers on your behalf. Handwritten cards tend to have more impacts than the pre-filled in cards from corporate flower delivery services.

A prompt follow-up

The online receipt will include an indication of when the flowers should be delivered. Follow up the delivery with a phone call or a text message, letting the recipient know when you can next spend time with them. Your time is just as valuable to people as gifts and helps demonstrate your true commitment to your apology. Of course if they don't return your phone call it can a sensible plan to send some more flowers the next day to show that you are serious!

With a beautiful bunch of flowers on the way, you should be forgiven in no time all all. For more information, check out companies such as Executive Flowers & Gifts.