2 Ways to Style a Flower Crown for an Autumn or Winter Wedding

Posted on: 25 July 2018

When it comes to wedding headwear, few pieces are more beautiful than a flower crown. However, there's no doubt that the typical flower crowns filled with an array of bright, fresh hues are more associated with the spring and summer months. If you're getting married in autumn or winter and you're building your wedding theme around the seasons, you may be wondering how you can fit a flower crown into your special day.

Thankfully, it's easy if you know the tips and tricks. Here are 2 ways to style your flower crown for an autumn or winter wedding.

Choose the Right Colour Scheme

One of the best ways to make your flower crown match your seasonal wedding is to choose the right colour scheme. Typical flower crowns that feature a wide array of bright or pastel colours tend to fit better into summer and spring weddings respectively. For autumn and winter weddings, on the other hand, a flower crown with a more muted, less diverse colour palette will work perfectly.

When choosing flowers for an autumn crown, look to warm colours—reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Dark colours like deep purple and navy blue can also work well. For winter crowns, there are two general directions most brides go in. The first is to opt for mostly white or ivory flowers along with hints of pastel blue (using hydrangeas, for example) to evoke the feeling of snow. The other option is to choose bold reds for a Christmas vibe. Green foliage fits into flower crowns for all seasons, but you may want to opt for less saturated greens in a winter crown and more yellow-toned greens in an autumn crown to fully match the theme.

Include Other Natural Elements

They may be called flower crowns, but that doesn't mean they can't include other plants. In fact, since less flowers bloom in autumn and winter, including less flowers and more non-flowering natural elements can be a great way to create a crown that fits the colder seasons.

For autumn flower crowns, leaves and grasses complement the theme wonderfully. Warm coloured leaves like maple and red oak, for example, are reminiscent for autumn trees shedding their greenery. Many ornamental grasses thrive in the autumn, so they'll also look great in an autumn crown. As for winter, look towards natural elements like berries and pine cones. Since these elements are frequently found in decorative winter wreaths, they'll instantly tie any winter flower crown together.